What We Bring To Your Houston Casino Night

We provide casino services for a number of different event types, but you need to know everything we offer before you begin planning. We have much more than your traditional Houston TX casino night.

Poker Services

Poker services are often the hardest for people to get right because of the many different kinds of poker played all over the world. The most famous is Texas Hold 'Em because it is played in the World Series Of Poker. Because we are in Texas, we prefer to offer the form of poker that is named after our home state.

We send out dealers who can handle many games of Texas Hold 'Em in one night, and we make sure that we give you enough dealers to field all the tables you prefer to have. We want your event to be a success, and we send enough dealers to make that happen.


Blackjack is a very popular game among casino visitors simply because it is so simple. People who have very little gambling experience can enjoy a spirited night at the Blackjack table, and we make sure that we have enough dealers on hand to take care of each table.

When you inform us of the number of people attending your event, we will send the tables and dealers in the numbers that you need. Your guests are going to be very happy with the experience they have at the tables because our dealers know how to offer seamless game play for each new hand.


When you are planning your next big event, you need to make sure we are putting together your casino event. When all the men are in tuxes with ladies on their arms in evening gowns, the glitz and glamour of the affair takes over. We want your guests to have the best night of their lives, and Pro Casino Events makes sure that is what happens.

Come to us for more information about your next fundraiser or party. We can provide the tables, dealers and experience that will help create the perfect casino atmosphere.


Jared Mayhill - Houston

Our company christmas party was a success thanks to Pro Casino Events. The dealers were professional and the tables were very professional. Everyone really felt they were in a real casino. Will definitely recommend to other companies and we are looking forward to the party next year!